Gay Marriage

Sometimes it amuses me to lie and say I’m gay, that I’m really straight but I’m in denial. I jokingly do this as justification for being supportive of gay marriage, that Cathy and I are both gay so we are already gay married. There is no real reason to pretend and joke because this issue is deadly serious.

According to Gallup in 2002, 21% of men and 22% of women are estimated to be gay. ( At least one in five, people. You got five kids in your family? One of them is probably gay. Have 50 kids on a football team? About 10 of them are gay. Get used to it.  The end result of heterosexual sex is the production of gay people.

Pro sports? A bunch of buff sweaty guys who spend their days together making regular physical contact, patting each other’s tight little bottoms, and end each workday with a group naked shower. That’s how manly men live their lives. Right?

I prefer the company of pretty girls, but what do I know? I’m fake gay.


Did you know that the more against homosexuality you are, the more likely you are to be in denial and gay yourself? It is scientifically proven by relating self-reported levels of attitude toward gay people and then measuring responses such as penis engorgement while being shown heterosexual and gay porn. Full blown homophobes really get sexually excited by gay porn. So if you feel really strongly against gay people, maybe you need to talk to a counselor about this because you have hate and/or denial issues.

I have friends that I know to be gay, some of them who wish to be married. I will say right now that my personal experience is that the gay people I personally know face-to-face are better people than many straight people I personally know face-to-face. If I know you and you are not welcome in my home then you are among the worthless fucktards I refer to. Maybe the general rule is different but I’ll say it again, my experience is that gay people are better than straight people; kinder, gentler, more willing to help someone out, more empathetic, more open and sincere with their emotions. Better people.

Why be against gay marriage? Isn’t gay sex what people are really upset about? There are also the rare flaming mannerisms but I might suggest that there are extremes of straight behavior that are just as icky or creepy or scary.

Gay sex.

Abolishing straight marriage is not going to stop straight sex from happening. Abolishing gay marriage is not going to stop gay sex from happening. So let’s stop pretending we are going to control something uncontrollable.


Marriage encourages monogamy. Monogamy stops the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases dead in their tracks. So marriage discourages the spread of disease whether it is a straight or a gay marriage. Isn’t that enough all by itself? Remember there are people who cross this straight/gay line you might be imagining.

Money and hate.

Much of this is really all about money. Money and hate. On the money side we have financial sharing of benefits such as medical and pensions that big business does not want to take on. Over 20% more people taking advantage of costly benefits? Too burdensome in an age when companies want to stop giving benefits to their employees in general.

And hate. There are people like me that I love and people not like me that I hate. We need to get over that. We need to get over the religious fervor of choosing just one or two things out of the Old Testament and ignoring all the other things that we don’t want to follow.

Judge not and ye shall not be judged. Live your own life as a shining example to others but do not impose your will on someone else unless they directly interfere with how you live your own life. Think of the consequences, of people forcing you to behave and believe differently than you want to. Our freedom stops when it directly interferes with someone else.

Supporting gay marriage is supporting over 20% of our population that has been severely discriminated against since biblical times. It is about one person loving another enough to take on the legal entanglements to ensure mutual financial benefit. It is about disease prevention and keeping sex in the home instead of the highway rest stop. It is about love instead of hate.

And please keep one thing in mind: Only the wealthy can afford TV commercials. When you see political ads against gay marriage there is money behind that. Money that doesn’t want to extend benefits to a rather large minority. Money that doesn’t want to provide for you either.

Supporting gay rights is in turn supporting your own rights. The more love there is in the world the less room there is for hate. Jews and Muslims don’t try to legally ban pork. Christians should not try to ban gay marriage. Live your life the way you believe it should be led and allow others to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Gay Marriage

  1. First, fucktards is my new favorite word. I really wish I had thought of it. 🙂 I think this blog is so dead on and so eloquently written. I should have said that the first time I read it. My bad. I appreciate the struggle that gay people have to demand the most basic of rights. And I also love them in a way that seems just a bit creepy. I just do. It’s a bit weird. I’ll be the first to admit 😉 Thanks for this blog. Cheers.

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