Chopin’s Minute Waltz

(The recording is at the bottom if you don’t want to read through my crap.)

According to virtuoso pianist/composer/biographer and contemporary Franz Liszt, Chopin wrote this after watching a dog chase its own tail.

Chopin was in the habit of having his students write out his pieces for him. Not having music written in his own hand might make some wonder about the authenticity of certain works. There is no doubt this one is legit; regardless, art is art.

Chopin did not name his works although according to Wikipedia he did name this one (interesting how Wikipedia is a treasure trove of facts except for those things you are genuinely knowledgeable of). His publisher named his pieces in an attempt to make the sheet music more salable. This particular piece was originally published in Germany and titled (in german) “The Little Waltz”. This was translated later into english as The Minute (my-newt) Waltz and given its brevity people mistakenly pronounced it as The Minute (as in 60 seconds) Waltz.

While the demeanor of this piece is labeled “molto vivace” meaning “very lively” I do not choose to play it prestissimo (as fast as possible) as so many do. Instead I play it at a more stately tempo intending to bring out the various qualities of the music rather than demonstrating brash technique. It is after all a waltz, not a conniption.

7 thoughts on “Chopin’s Minute Waltz

    • I never like or dislike everything about any piano. If the action is light it is good for fast playing, if the action is heavy then it is good for slow playing and control of dynamics. Same with bright or mellow tone. This one is better than most at most things, and the keys have a real feel to them both in the way they depress and the feel of the surface. I should write an article about such things and maybe review my specific instrument.

  1. Beautiful… both the playing, and your accompaniment of words. The education I received from reading your piece makes me yearn for the days when I used to play a musical instrument…

    I am afraid that I cannot even remember how to play one note any longer…


      • I used to play the flute…. when I was 13-14.

        I actually had an audition with the Salt Lake Philharmonic. But, I had parents that were not very supportive; it was not their priority. So, I didn’t go.

        So it goes, so it goes.


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