Only So Much to Give

(This follows directly from yesterday’s post, “Having it Made.”)

Our prospective home buyer will be a good fit with the home we looked at yesterday. While my vision can be summed up by, “There’s nothing wrong with this house a bulldozer won’t fix,” our new friend was able to point out, say, a wood-burning stove, the creosote build up within, how the stove was modified to cause that problem buildup, and how to correct it. I can hit a delete key to replace a word. He can see a problem in a house, know the root cause, correct the problem and clean up the mess. As usual I am going to help someone out and they are going to end up helping me much more down the road.

You can look at life as nothing more than going around setting up dominoes in both your private and public life. A specific domino has its own mass and is charged with “will” which can be positive or negative. So go now my children and set up many large positive dominoes because one day, trust my word, things will shake up and when those dominoes fall you want them to fall in your favor. (They won’t listen, you can’t tell kids anything.)

This deal will be fine. Our new friend is an army vet and a good capable honest man. He wanted the interest rate on his loan to be higher but I am impossible to negotiate with.

Of greater concern is a new “case.” (This is turning into episodes of a bad TV drama.)

Back up for a second.  We are doing this through a real-estate lady who informs us of people who need financial backing. Something I bothered to set up recently.

This new situation concerns a mother with three children living with a guy who has no job and who smokes and drinks her paycheck while she is at work leaving no money for things like food for children.

I must tread carefully here because my heart can be bigger than my wallet. There is already someone in my care whose well being I am responsible for, she being my wife. This brand new thing will have to wait until the army guy gets settled and we see how things feel moving forward. It really sucks to care about people because at some point someone needs you and you cannot help them, but you still want to.

So much easier to stay home and watch TV. You can feel anger about the bad thing and feel warm and happy about the good thing. All in the comfort of your own home.  Pass the chips.

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