The Quintuplet

Yesterday a beginning piano student showed up for his lesson, paid me money, and then refused to do anything with the piano.

To save me the trouble of repeating and emphasizing what I just said, reread that first sentence over and over again until it really sinks in.

As it turns out, my student’s guitar teacher, “He’s a really great teacher,” cannot explain to my student how to play the Metallica song One.  This kid really needs a certain kind of clarity which, in his opinion, only I can provide.

For educational and review purposes, here is the relevant clip.  Do buy a copy of this recording if you like complex rhythms beyond the scope of this article.  It is rife with interesting rhythms.

I don’t know why, but he wanted to see it correctly written out in notation.  False modesty aside, it took me a couple listens and then I wrote it out by hand in his notebook.  For clarity I scored the rhythm in Finale:

And now here is the meat of our “piano” lesson. My student imitated until he could reproduce what I will demonstrate now.

So I tricked my student.  He does not realize that I taught him a bit of precision playing and coordination that will be of value in future, shall we say, music lessons.

3 thoughts on “The Quintuplet

  1. I like that your YouTube window suggests viewing a video about the Dionne Quintuplets who were born just down the road. I may imagine them while I practice quintuplets.

    • Unfortunately, maybe fortunately, I have no control over what YouTube does after playing my video. I could pay lots of money without involving YouTube but I need more regular readers to justify the expense.

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