Your Attention Please!


Isn’t that lovely? One word, which is one sentence, which is one paragraph. When you read that first word I likely had the single most precious thing you have to give: you gave me your focus. I will treasure that always.

Pay attention.

We have vaguely monetized this focus, that is how valuable it is. We direct our conscious knowing intentionally, or at least we think we do. Some find it easy and others tremendously difficult: to direct and hold that focus. Personally I have trouble with the directing and the holding and it is when I can so involve myself for any sort of sustained duration that I value most.

When in love there is no difficulty focusing on the beloved. In that state it is near impossible to put your focus elsewhere. Riveting. Compelling. And yet effortless. It is a state very many value above all others. Sustained effortless prolonged focus, also known as love.

This word, this focus, can help many with their computer. When a particular program has the focus it is the one that is ready for input, the one that is awake and paying attention to you. So while it is the focus, you are its focus. Isn’t love grand? Knowing that you will not get the proper reaction from your machine unless the proper part of it has the focus, you have your doorway to mastering this marvel of a device. Learn how and where to put the focus and then proceed. First I make sure the cursor is blinking in the text-edit area and then I type. I say my wife’s name and once she looks up I start talking. That is the order that works best, first ensure the focus and then commence with communication.

It is courteous and effective to let your audience know the duration of this precious focus you request. (We are almost finished here.) If you first announce that you just want a brief moment of time then you will more likely get complete and intent focus. You should have been able to scan the length of this brief article before starting to read so that contract of time was implied before you granted me your greatest gift, you freely gave me your field of awareness of which you have so little. I am humbled and honored as I bask in this glow.


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