Bird Song

Bird Song

I was asked on Facebook what music these birds are trying to convey, assuming the above is a musical staff. Hmmm. A three line staff with no clef, key signature, time signature, or bar lines. To the internet!
We now have Do, Mi, and Sol, for the three lines, given the reference above. For rhythm I’m reading from left to right using relative positions. To keep it easy, there is an anacrusis with an opening 8th note after which we’ll immediately insert a bar line, followed by four quarter notes, ending with two more 8th notes at the end.
So, I’m using the bottom three lines of the “regular” treble-clef musical staff so that Do, Mi, and Sol are correctly used on those lines. Here’s a brief movie that you can both view and hear:


Flat Stanley


I’m Flat Stanley and I went to Hastings, Michigan, to visit my Uncle Jim.

When I first got there, the Fairies of the house came to make sure I didn’t bring any Woodland Magic into the house that didn’t belong.

01 Fairies

After that, the house Dragons checked me for any evil Fire Magic. No fires allowed in the house.

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OS X 10.10.3 Update – What a Scare!


This post is for my Apple Trove followers, Apple users in general, and maybe Apple haters. The rest can follow along out of morbid curiosity or maybe to see how I trouble shot a problem I had with my computer after updating it’s operating system to the latest and greatest upgrade on the first day of release. Continue reading